The Benefits of Incentive Travel for Staff

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Corporate Travel

Incentive travel for groups of staff can be of great benefit to both the company and to the staff members themselves. In the latter case, this also comes back to the benefit of the company, positively impacting company operations in the long term, and the all-important company bottom-line. 

Incentive travel to reward and inspire:

Incentive travel can be aimed at a short-term goal, or at long term objectives. In both cases, the expense involved is justified due to the need for exceptional incentives, for exceptional outcomes.

It goes beyond standard incentive programs offered by most companies, such as bonuses for achieving sales targets, because the traditional carrot-on-the-end of the stick is not enough.

Incentive travel is both an incentive to achieve goals, and a reward program designed to inspire employees internal motivation and long-term loyalty.


 Benefits of Incentive travel for short-term goals:

Designed to inspire staff productivity, creativity, cohesion and new levels of teamwork: an incentive trip for a group of employees who work together can invigorate a tired team. Apart from making the individual staff members feel valued, the trip offers an off-campus environment for team-members to bounce ideas off each other in a fun, relaxed environment. Team-members can get to know each other better and how to work together better. A project goal can be achieved to a far higher standard thanks to inspired, enthusiastic and re-energised investment from staff members. The investment on the part of the company is recouped through far better performance and outcomes than what would have been achieved in the office, in normal working hours.

Long-term benefits for staff and the company:

Successful outcomes in short-term goals, coupled with employee’s feeling valued and inspired by the incentive travel, leads to better long-term outcomes. Staff are encouraged by their own successes, their contributions as team-members to successful project goals, and by the company that spent money on them. Valued staff stay with a company. They also put more into the company. The company benefits, and so do they.

Incentive travel is a team-building antidote to ‘old-school’ performance-based incentives that can drain employees, leading to them underperforming and even leaving an organisation.

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