Conference Travel Management for large groups

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Corporate Travel

Travel and accommodation arrangements for large groups of people involve a great deal of preparation, under any circumstances. When it’s for a conferencing travel, there is the added pressure of ensuring that all arrangements, from flights to accommodation and transport, are watertight and up to the highest standard. Everything must be pre-arranged with trusted providers. Nothing can be left to chance.

Getting to the Conference

You can’t have half the attendees arrive on time, with the other half languishing in an airport due to flight delays. Flights should be direct as far as possible. Air-travel must be co-ordinated and overseen at all time buy the travel management company, from flight booking to the timely arrival of all attendees.

  • It’s easier of the travel is local. Mini-bus or coach transport may be a better option if the distances are not too great. An option is local flights for top executives and attendees, with road transport for the remainder of the group.
  • Transport from airports must be pre-arranged with a trusted contractor. Hire cars must be pre-booked and pre-paid.
  • Contingency plans must be in place for any possibility!

Accommodation for the Conference Guests

If the attendees are not all staying at the conference venue, accommodation must be pre-booked in hotels or guesthouses that offer the right standard of accommodation. Accommodation facilities must be geared for corporate guests, with facilities for business, and especially for event attendance. This includes office facilities, full signal Wi-Fi in rooms, 24 hour-bespoke laundry services, and concierge services.

  • Ideally, attendees should be booked into one hotel, or if more than one is needed, they must be close together.
  • Transfers from the hotel to the venue should also be pre-arranged with a trusted contractor, or with the hotel concierge.

Restaurants and leisure activities

If not included in the conference event arrangements, suitable restaurants must always be pre-booked for large groups. It’s essential to ensure the menu covers all dietary preferences and the restaurant is pre-warned of any food allergies or other dietary considerations.

Similarly, leisure activities must always be pre-booked, and pre-paid, with an alternative option on hand that can take the same number of people if there is a hitch.

Choices Travel concept of conference and business travel management is a managed and controlled procedure, which we handle with aplomb.

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