Accommodation ideas for family travel

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Leisure Travel

Sometimes the words ‘leisure’ and ‘family’ are antagonistic when it comes to travel. Family travel can make for a holiday of a lifetime, or a nightmare. The difference is often in choosing the right accommodation.

Family-friendly hotels with child-minding services, activities and nearby facilities for kids

You might have the best laid plans, but little ones can throw a spanner in the works quite easily. They get tired, bored, and sometimes they get sick. They don’t want to do what you thought they would want to do. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a trip to sit in a hotel room with them or spend precious time searching for a clinic on the far side of town.

If you are travelling with small children, be prepared for anything!

  • Does the hotel have babysitting services?
  • What activities do they offer kids, so you can go off and enjoy some adult leisure time?
  • Are they otherwise set up for accommodating children with meals, assistance with emergency medical needs and advice on activities the whole family can enjoy?
  • Is it in the right location? Will there be long car trips involved in getting to the wonderful places you have seen in the destination brochure?
  • Do they offer activities for kids, or have arrangements with the local activity providers for family discounts?
  • What facilities are available for older children, e.g. games rooms?

Hotels with activities for kids usually also offer interlinked family rooms. They will usually have dedicated play areas and facilities for children of all ages. Looks for hotels with dedicated child-care and kids activities staff.
Hotels with grouped chalets are often ideal when travelling with older children. Your older children can also enjoy a bit of autonomy, while you have peace of mind.
Beach resorts usually offer all you need to keep the family entertained and the children safe while you enjoy your holiday. But what about a game reserve that caters for children and has programs for them to get involved in the animal care?

Leisure travel with the family can be expensive. Try out of season accommodation instead of ‘cheap’.

The cheapest ‘potential nightmare’ family accommodation can produce a great brochure. Instead of going for the cheapest option, let your travel consultant assist with ‘out-of-season’ offerings for families from more upmarket lodgings and destinations.


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